Photo of Megan Just

Hi there, thanks for stopping by! I’m a freelance and fiction writer living with my husband and toddler daughter on California’s Central Coast.

I’m horribly long winded so my fiction writing is naturally of the full-length-novel type. Sometimes, when I’m feeling ambitious, I’ll attempt a short story. On the freelance side, my favorite assignments are features with a sociology edge and personal essays. I occasionally take on copy editing jobs and write book reviews. Here are a few more random autobiographical tidbits:

  • I grew up in Pullman, Washington. It is not anywhere near Seattle. It’s dryland wheat farming country just seven miles from the Idaho border.
  • I went to college at Oregon State University. Go Beavers!
  • My first job out of college was the Navy, where I was a surface warfare officer on an amphibious command ship, followed by a guided missile destroyer. During my time in the Navy, I deployed to Iraq with the Army.
  • The best day job I’ve ever had was being the editor of a weekly newspaper.   Lifeguarding in the summers at a sleep-away camp was pretty great, too.
  • I spend a lot of time outdoors being mediocre (okay, poor) at a bunch of different sports: running, hiking, downhill skiing, cycling, rock climbing, and triathlon.
  • I’ve been lucky to live in many beautiful places. See below.

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